The Struggle Continues to Get Fair Funding for NY Public Schools

  • The Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE), a case initiated in 1993, the court found that the State had violated the state constitution by denying New York City schoolchildren the opportunity for a “sound, basic education.” The State defied the July 30, 2004 deadline set by the Court of Appeals to comply.
  • Lawmakers developed a new statewide funding formula to ensure adequate resources to all students in response to a 2006 court ruling in CFE v. State. In CFE, the Court of Appeals – the state’s highest Court – declared that the New York Constitution requires the state to provide all of its students with the opportunity for a meaningful high school education, which includes meeting the higher costs of educating at‐risk students.
  • In 2007, New York State adopted a new “Foundation Aid” formula with the promise of more fairly distributing aid across the state. Lawmakers made a commitment to increase state foundation aid for schools by $5.5 billion over four years, targeted to the highest need districts.
  • After two years of increases, the State froze funding and then reversed all the gains in 2010 and 2011. State aid in 2014 remains below levels in 2009.